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In this section, we are displaying artworks (paintings, sculpture..) with incense burners. Please enjoy !
A new section 'Literature' will list novels and stories with incense burners...
A new section 'Movies' will list films and TV series with incense burners in the scenery or in the title.

Modern Artworks with Incense Burner
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Angela Ferreira (1978)
Insence Burner (2005)
Item # 4
Angela Ferreira - Magic Paintings

Candy Nartonis (1943)
Incense Burner (2006)
Item # 17
Candy Nartonis

Christopher Tinkler
Angel with censer
St. Barnabas Church
Item # 24

Feng ZHL
Lord Koril (2000)
character of Battle Realms video game
By consensus, Lord Koril is believed to be the second most powerful warlock of the Lotus Clan, both magically and politically. It is also rumored that he is by far the eldest of any of them, older than Zymeth himself. To have survived so long in the Byzantine, the deadly world of the Lotus, this bespeaks a brilliant mind and ruthless political instincts. He does not lead openly, but is always present at critical debates.
Item # 99

James Roper (1982)
The Divining Censer (2008)
Item # 70
James Roper

Jayna Shipman
Censer Of Prayers
Item # 21
Art by Jayna

McCreery Jordan
Still Life With Incense Burner
Item # 7
McCreery Jordan Studio

Melissa Meredith Wells
Stillife with Bird Incense Burner (1980)
Item # 18
Meredith Wells

Pham Sy
Incense and fruit sellers
Item # 117

Qin Xia
Noble Lady by Incense Burner (2008)
Item # 105

R.S.Beal (1980)
White vases with Shell and incense burner (1998)
Item # 19
R.S.Beal Surrealism

Rob ReyRob Rey is an Illustrator / Painter living in Providence (USA).
Elegant Enigma (2010)
Item # 48
Rob Rey

Sasha Fiero (1980)
Munna (2011)
This is an interesting Pokémon. It’s a combination of the aforementioned “koro”, which is an incense burner (thus the smoke), and a baku, the legendary dream-eating tapir that Drowzee and Hypno are based on.
Item # 90
Snipe Blog

Van Hai (1968)
Incense Burner (2000)
Item # 5
Contemporary Asian Art

Xu Bin
Wild Flowers in a Jar with Censer and Fruit (2009)
Item # 68
PaintingAll Art Gallery

Incense Burner (2002)
Buyeo National Museum, Korea
Enlarged model (8.3m) of gallery item #698.
It stands on the grounds of the museum.
Item # 113
Buyeo Museum

[Sultanate of Oman]
Incense Burner (2000)
district of Muscat
Giant incense burner in the middle of a roundabout. Muscat has turned it’s numerous beautifully landscaped roundabouts into outdoor art galleries statues of animals and giant reproductions of traditional Omani artifacts such as incense burners, coffee pots, and ceremonial daggers.
Item # 110

[Sultanate of Oman]
Incense Burner (2000)
Ruwi,district of Muscat
Model of incense burner in a traffic roundabout, in Ruwi. The shape is a typical omani incense burner.
Item # 111

[Sultanate of Oman]
Incense Burner (2000)
Riyam Park
Riyam Park, which is located in Muttrah, is a huge, rambling place whose main feature is an enormous incense burner which, when climbed, provides stunning views of the nearby harbour and surrounding seacliffs.
Item # 112

[United Arab Emirates]
Incense Burner (2000)
Al Ain
Huge Incense burner sculpture in the middle of a Roundabout in Al Ain.
(picture by Bss & Brn)
Item # 109

The Incense Burner (1993)
(contributed by Angela Crews)
Item # 30