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Origin: UK   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Location: J. Clayton Spears and Co., Atlanta
Description: Staffordshire Cottage Pastille Burner. A scented pastille was placed inside the cottage, set alight, and the smoke rose through the chimney. You could probably do the same today with a small incense cone, though these cottages are nowadays more often treated as cabinet pieces. 4.75" by 5.25".
Item # 59

Origin: France   Shape: Egg   Material: Porcelain
Period: 18th   Location: J. Clayton Spears and Co., Atlanta
Description: French Louis XV ormolu mounted Chinese powder-blue brule parfum, the baluster-shaped body and domed cover with fruiting finial flanked by scrolling foliate branch handles, the circular spreading base with ivy and beading, porcelain early 18th C. (restored), mounts C.1760; measuring 10" high (25.5cm)
Item # 60

Origin: France   Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Skybridge Studios, Marion, IN
Description: Art Deco Incense Burner : 3"x3" square 4-1/2" footed incense burner. Lid is hinged, and has lightly-to-moderately seen it’s intended use. Floral detail.
Item # 61

Origin: Europe   Shape: Pot   Material: Brass
Period: 19 th   Location: GoAntiques
Description: Art Nouveau Brass Incense Burner 5" tall x 3 5/8" diameter.
Item # 62

Origin: France   Shape: Cassolette   Material: Bronze
Period: 18 th   Location: Chateau de Chamerolles, Loiret, France   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Marble and bronze incense burner 25cm tall. Two pieces are shown in the museum. Part of an exhibition dedicated to the parfume history
Item # 63   

Origin: UK   Incense: Oil   Shape: Bowl   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Adventure in Arabia
Description: Ornate brass round incense burner: 4¾" tall with lid 250 grams in weight
Item # 64

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   
Description: ZEN brule parfum metal
Item # 106

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Dufailly
Item # 107

Origin: The Netherlands   Shape: Bowl : Dragon   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Art from the Heart
Description: This ceramic insence burner ( 37 cms) was designed by Rosita Linda Reeberg
Item # 141

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma lamp   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Artistes Associes de la Decoration
Description: Ceramic Insence burner, h 12 cm. Hand decorated.
Item # 146

Origin: France   Incense: Cone   Shape: Lamp-stand   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Faiencerie Malicorne
Description: Pied de lampe brule-parfum, ajourage croisillons
Item # 167

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   
Description: Maison pendule brule parfum. Ref : 4032
Item # 168

Origin: Germany   Shape: Human   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: GermanMart
Description: Hand made traditional German wooden craft, incense burning figurine: violin maker, height: 17cm./6.69 inch, color: natural.
Item # 180

Origin: Greece   Shape: Thymiaterion : Human   Material: Bronze
Period: 460-450 B.C.   Location: Archaeological Museum of Delphi
Description: Bronze incense-burner. A vessel in the shape of a young woman wearing a peplos ("peplophoros"). In her upraised hands she holds a hemispherical cauldron in which the incense was placed.
Item # 185

Origin: Roman Empire   Shape: Animal : Panther   Material: Bronze
Period: 2nd/3rd Century A.D   Location: Sotheby
Description: This is a bronze incense burner, eastern Roman or Partian Empire, circa 2nd/3rd Century A.D., which is 11 1/4 inches long and has a lid surmounted by an opening in the form of a larger panther head in front of a diminutive winged Nike holding a wreath and a globe. The burner also has an eagle with folded wings standing atop a ram head at each front corner and the handle terminates in a small panther head.
Item # 186

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