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Origin: Japan   Shape: Human : Human   Material: Ceramic
Location: Treasures of the Past
Description: Luster Incense Burner. It stands about 4” tall and is about 4” wide at the widest point
Item # 16

Origin: Japan   Shape: Human : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: 1900   Location: Shiloh Antiques,Shiloh, NJ
Description: Measures 4” tall x 3 1/2” at the widest x 3 1/2” deep. Marked on bottom with a single word ’Japan’ which makes it fairly early 1900s
Item # 17

Origin: Guatemala   Shape: : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: Maya   Location: G&T Foundation
Description: Lidded cylinder-shaped jar with elaborately modelled and decorated human, animal and deity figures on the lid, decorated with polychrome paint. 65 cm. in height.

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Item # 48

Origin: Guatemala   Shape: Bowl : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: Maya   Location: G&T Foundation
Description: Straight-sided tripod deep bowl with modelled human figurine attached to exterior, painted in blue and red.

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Item # 50

Origin: Greece   Shape: Thymiaterion : Human   Material: Bronze
Period: 460-450 B.C.   Location: Archaeological Museum of Delphi
Description: Bronze incense-burner. A vessel in the shape of a young woman wearing a peplos ("peplophoros"). In her upraised hands she holds a hemispherical cauldron in which the incense was placed.
Item # 185

Origin: Europe   Incense: Oil   Shape: Human : Human   Material: Porcelain
Period: 1930   Location: Somewhere In Time Antiques
Description: This Art Deco incense burner in the form of an Egyptian woman. Height: 6.5 inches
Item # 211

Shape: Oil Lamp : Human   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Vincent Evans)
Description: On the stand is a young boy in what seems to be period clothing wearing what looks like burning coals on his head. Above this is the oil lamp with 3 spouts.It has a tall bulbous lid. On top of this is a triangular plate supporting a bucket,a bell and what could be a talon,each on a chain. Above this is what i believe to be a waft plate. Finally, there is the handle. The Oil Lamp is 38cm in height and can be dismantled easily for cleaning.
Item # 217   

Origin: France   Shape: Sphere : Human   Material: Brass
Period: 1160   Location: Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Made in France (Meuse region). Height: 15 cm. Gold plated brass.
Item # 273

Origin: Mexico   Shape: Bowl : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: 400-500   Location: Artemis Gallery Ancient World Arts
Description: Ceremonial censor or incense burner from the end of Mayan Classic Period -- circa 400 to 500 A.D., this censor consists of a large circular vessel supported by ringed base, emerging from the outer walls of the vessel are 12 spiked appendages and a single human head wearing an elaborate headdress. Vessel measures 6" high by 9" in diameter.
Item # 310

Shape: Bowl : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: 1922   Location: Private (Drew Martin)
Description: Human shaped ceramic incense burner. There is also a Copyright of 1922 on the back
Item # 322   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Plate : Human   Material: Silver
Location: Private (Patricia)
Description: 10 cm high silver plated incense burner
Item # 367   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Column : Human   Material: Bronze
Location: [outdoor] Private ()
Description: Bronze incence burner 5 ft about 300lb
Item # 371   

Origin: Japan   Shape: Dome : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Kyoto, Japan   (photo by: Sophie & Bernard Olivier)
Description: Ceramic, 20 cm high incense burner, found in a Kyoto shop
Item # 383   

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Brazier : Human   Material: Copper
Location: Private (Patti Lowman)
Description: It is made of copper with bronze feet and measures 3 feet in height and 25 inches in diameter. The woman in top is holding a snake and the feet of the burner are lion's heads.
Item # 387   

Shape: Bowl : Human   Material: Stone
Location: Private (Regina Ross)
Description: Stone incense burner
Item # 390   

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