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Origin: UK   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Location: J. Clayton Spears and Co., Atlanta
Description: Staffordshire Cottage Pastille Burner. A scented pastille was placed inside the cottage, set alight, and the smoke rose through the chimney. You could probably do the same today with a small incense cone, though these cottages are nowadays more often treated as cabinet pieces. 4.75" by 5.25".
Item # 59

Origin: USA   Shape: Mythology : Dragon   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   
Description: stoneware, mediun brown. Incense inserted in back, smoke comes out nose. 8-9" high
Item # 127

Origin: USA   Incense: Stick   Shape: Mythology : Golum   
Period: 2000   Location: The Stone Griffin
Description: Golum Incense Burner is about 5" tall. Color is Black or Green
Item # 139

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   
Description: Maison pendule brule parfum. Ref : 4032
Item # 168

Origin: USA   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Scentsations
Description: Large Tipi (Tepee) Burner Cover. 8.75" X 8"
Item # 172

Incense: Cone   Shape: Human : Skull   Material: Resin
Period: 2000   Location: Abaxion
Description: This haunting skull comes with a dish, on the dish you place incense and watch it as it is released through the eyes and mouth of the skull! About 3.5 inches.
Item # 175

Origin: Germany   Shape: Human   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: GermanMart
Description: Hand made traditional German wooden craft, incense burning figurine: violin maker, height: 17cm./6.69 inch, color: natural.
Item # 180

Origin: Japan   Shape: Building   Material: Porcelain
Period: 19th   Location: Tanakaya, Paris, France
Description: House shaped incense burner, Kutani Porcelain, Height: 20 cm, Width: 17 cm
Item # 189

Origin: Nubia   Shape: Human : Foot   Material: Ceramic
Location: The Nubia Museum - Aswan
Description: Ceramic insence- burner in the shape of a foot.
Item # 269

Origin: Europe   Shape: Human   Material: Ceramic
Location: Private (Blaine Leavitt)
Description: These incense burners (German Forest Minstrels, Dwarfs ?) are aprox.3 wide X 7 tall. They appear to be stoneware type material, and majolica type glaze. They appear to be kiln fired twice.
Item # 786   

Shape: Animal : Monkey   Material: Ceramic
Location: Private (Derek Goodchild)
Description: Incense burners 8" high, on wooden base. Anthropomorphic monkeys. Smoke would come from the ears and nostrils.
Item # 1020   

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