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Origin: Nepal   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   
Description: Large brass and copper incense burner in traditional Tibetan style.
Item # 80

Origin: Korea   Incense: Cone   Shape: Box   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Korean Arts
Description: The Yuk-gak, "hexagon-shaped" celadon incense burner features an alternating cranes among the clouds and chrysanthemum design on its six sides which represent immortality, health and well being. It is finished in jade-green with pronounced crazing in the glaze. The top is removable for placing incense cones inside. Size: (H)5" x 3.2"
Item # 149

Origin: Morocco   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: Private (JJD)
Description: Wood Ashcatcher. Size 35 x 5 x 5 cm, Space for spare sticks. Decorated with brass incrustations
Item # 179   

Origin: Tibet   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box : Dragon   Material: Wood
Period: 19th   Location: Antique Zen Asian Antiques
Description: Carved Tibetan wooden incense burner depicting dragon and lions. It is carved out of wood and has a wide drawer in front. The long rectangular lid, which can be removed, has elaborate carvings of dragons, Tibetan snow lions and a dish of precious wishing gems. The wide drawer is filled with rice or other grains and burning incense sticks are stuck on this trough of grains in order to stand. The lid is removed when incense sticks are being offered and burned. Size is 20" height x 29" width x 7" depth. 11 lbs
Item # 210

Shape: Box : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Iron
Location: Private (Rhonda)
Description: Thin metal pieces attached to the lid perhaps to hang up the incense (spiral ?) There is a drawer perhaps to store the incense.
Item # 216   

Origin: India   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: Himalayan Wood Craft
Description: Wooden Incense Burner & Box Ying Yang Carved 12"x2.3"x3.5"
Item # 283

Origin: Japan   Shape: Box   Material: Ceramic
Period: 19th   Location: Skinner Antiques & Fine Arts
Description: Satsuma Incense burner with scenes of women on a veranda, a village, mandarin ducks, and cranes, cobalt blue borders with gilt designs of bamboo and cherry blossoms, signed Kinkozan," ht. 6, lg. 8 in."
Item # 306

Origin: Japan   Shape: Box : Shell   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Nara, Japan   (photo by: Sophie & Bernard Olivier)
Description: Ceramic, 20 cm high incense burner, found in a Nara shop
Item # 385   

Origin: China   Shape: Box   Material: Ceramic
Location: Private (Simon Rickman)
Description: Square Insence burner
Item # 481   

Shape: Box : Chicken   Material: Metal
Location: Private (Borushkos)
Description: Metallic incense burner or pot pourri, with colourful chicken engravings.
Item # 601   

Origin: Vietnam   Shape: Box : Dragon   Material: Copper
Location: Private (Cathleen Grix)
Description: Old round copper box. May have been a potpourri container.
Item # 676   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Box : Dragon   
Location: Private (Tina Nekita Falkner)
Description: Hand carved box, maybe jade or Ivory, with 4 cylindrical feet. A dragon is sitting on the lid.
Item # 812   

Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Location: Private (Lynda Alyea)
Description: This wooden burner folds flat and the inside of the top is metal.
Item # 960   

Origin: India   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Location: Chemday Monastery, Ladakh   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Wooden incense burner, decorated with the 8 buddhist auspicious symbols:
1 - The jewelled parasol (Chhatraratna)
2 - The two goldfish (Gaur-matsya)
3 - The treasure vase or Urn of Wisdom
4 - Victory Banner (Dhvaja)
5 - Lotus Flower (Padma)
6 - The Wheel of Law (Dharmacakra)
7 - Right-coiled White Conch (Saṅkha)
8 - The endless knot or eternal knot (Shrivatsa)
Item # 1026 
Chemday Monastery
auspicious symbols

Origin: India   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Location: Chemday Monastery, Ladakh   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Incense storage box, with incense sticks, charcoal, matches and miscellaneous accessories
in the temple, located near item #1021
Item # 1027 
Chemday Monastery

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