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Origin: Israel   Shape: Sphere   Material: Copper
Period: 19th century   Location: Private (Edward Kahn)
Description: This hand painted incense burner was bought in cairo in 1966. The camels and palms on the globe, and the combination with the globe and crescent itself could be related to the hadj (the Hadj to Mekka is the Muslim pilgrimage). On the bottom of crescent it says (made in Israel) plus hebrew writing on top of that, suggesting that it was painted by an arab artist living in Israel.
Item # 252 

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pod : Dragon   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Ron)
Description: The burner is 2' high 1' wide and cast in bronze
see item #632 for reference
Item # 368 

Origin: Syria   Shape: Bowl   Material: Wood
Period: 1989   Location: Private (Waleed Soliman)
Description: This wooden Burner was in my family for a long time my dad got it from Syria there are few scratch marks on the wood, the chalice itself is decorated with engraved Brass Band, inside the chalice there is Brass Bowl that fits on its Top for the charcoal and a lid. 5 inches in hight (12.5 cm).
Item # 445 

Origin: Syria   Shape: Pod   Material: Brass
Period: 1995   Location: Private (Waleed Soliman)
Description: This one is made from light Brass, in a Good condition, decorated with simple Arabic Style Patterns, also contains a bowl and a lid and a Domed shape cover nearly 7 Inches (18 cm) from bottom to the top.
Item # 446 

Origin: Asia   Shape: Aladins Lamp : Human   
Location: Private (Connie Hamilton)
Description: Incense burner
Item # 456   

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Dome   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Donald MacMillan)
Description: Brass oriental incense burner The bottom is stamped INDIA with little dots spelling it out.
Item # 461   

Origin: China   Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Period: Ming Dynasty   Location: Private (William S Rock)
Description: Bronze cloisone 16th century Ming Dynasty Incense Burner. Heigth 15 inches and sits on a 3 inch wood base, The colors Sants ai ware-yellow,purple and green.
It is for sale for $1200
Item # 476 

Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Taba Dale)
Description: The incense burner is 4" H x 3-1/2" W
Item # 489   

Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Taba Dale)
Description: The incense burner is 6-1/2" H x 4" W
Item # 490   

Shape: Bowl   Material: Metal
Location: Private (William Chichester)
Description: This incense burner has highly decorated lid with various types of animals.
Item # 534   

Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Period: Early Showa (1930s to 1940s)   Location: Private (John Lofgren)
Description: This bronze koro sits on three feet and has komainu for handles on the sides and one on the pierced lid. The front and back are decorated with stylized lotus flowers and romanesque vines that look to have been done in pewter, which some has dissipated. The front of the koro is engraved with ONSHI ZAIDAN GUNJIN ENGOKAI MIEKEN SHIBU (Imperial Gift Foundation Soldier Support Association Mie Prefecture Chapter). The association helped wounded soldiers, veterans and families of deceased soldiers. It measures approx. 14.5 cm (5-5/8 inches) tall and weighs 556 grams.
Item # 573

Origin: China   Shape: Bowl   Material: Jade
Period: Ching Dynasty (1736-1796)   Location: Private (Peter Burke)
Description: Chinese green jade incense burner, from the Ching dynasty.
Item # 579   

Origin: Japan   Shape: Helmet   Material: Brass
Location: Private (J.K.M. Barnard)
Description: Two Samurai helmet incense burners. The dome at the top of the helmet is detachable, the helmets have holes in the dome.
Item # 602   

Origin: China   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Period: Xuande reign (1425-1434)   Location: Private (Emma)
Description: Chinese bowl. It weighs two pounds, it is 8 1/2 " in length, by 6 1/4" in width, and is 3" height, The base is 1/2". Xuande 1426-1435
Item # 618 

Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Peter Kerckhoffs)
Description: Japanese incense burner, from the late 19th century, enamel and bronze.
Item # 621 

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