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Origin: Asia   Shape: Sphere   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Longbo Asian Art and Handicrafts
Description: Brown glazed incense burner with flower stem and petal design. 3 x 3 in
Item # 156

Origin: USA   Shape: Sphere : Tao   Material: Silver
Period: 1890   Location: R and P Kassai
Description: Silver burner made in USA circa 1890. It is fashioned in an Egyptian motif. It measures 1.6" in diameter at the mouth and hangs 7.75" long
Item # 209

Origin: Syria   Shape: Sphere   Material: Brass
Period: 1264-1279   Location: The British Museum
Description: This incense burner was made in Damascus, Syria, between 1264 and 1279. Made of pierced brass inlaid with silver, it bears inscriptions in Arabic which give us the titles of the owner. "Made for the honourable authority, the high the lordly, the great amir, the esteemed, the masterly, the holy warrior, the defender, the protector of the frontiers, the fortified by God, the triumphant, the victorious Badr al-Din Baysari....."
Diameter: 18.4 cm
Item # 238

Origin: Israel   Shape: Sphere   Material: Copper
Period: 19th century   Location: Private (Edward Kahn)
Description: This hand painted incense burner was bought in cairo in 1966. The camels and palms on the globe, and the combination with the globe and crescent itself could be related to the hadj (the Hadj to Mekka is the Muslim pilgrimage). On the bottom of crescent it says (made in Israel) plus hebrew writing on top of that, suggesting that it was painted by an arab artist living in Israel.
Item # 252 

Origin: China   Shape: Sphere : Dragon   Material: Silver
Location: Private (Jim Donohue)
Description: The base and lid are stamped in script form chinese. reffering to "tai shan", sacred mountain near beijing. it has a height of 2 3/8"
Item # 253   

Origin: France   Shape: Sphere : Human   Material: Brass
Period: 1160   Location: Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Made in France (Meuse region). Height: 15 cm. Gold plated brass.
Item # 273

Origin: Syria   Shape: Sphere   Material: Brass
Period: 13th-14th   Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Description: Brass, inlaid with gold and silver; Diam. 6 in. (15.2 cm)
Spherical incense burners, few of which have survived, were hung from the ceiling or from the vault of an arch, and the ingenious system of gimbals (also called cardan joints) inside the sphere stabilized the burning incense in the swinging container.
Item # 278

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Sphere   Material: Metal
Location: Private (Lon Carpenter)
Description: 20 cm diameter spherical incense burner.
Item # 369   

Origin: China   Shape: Sphere : Dragon   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Robin)
Description: It is very heavy brass and the pieces entwined together there are no marking that I have seen .It used to have coral and jade in it but over time they have been lost. It stand about 4 feet in height . 3 legs of the bottom of the base and the dragon wraps around base of the pole with design to the top .The basket that hangs from the dragons head has 6 buddas each one is different and then a skull on the top of that.
Item # 587   

Origin: Mongolia   Shape: Sphere   Material: Copper
Period: 19th century   Location: Michael Backman Ltd
Description: This sphere (diameter: 25 cm) comprises two interlocking halves. It has two large images of a wrathful deity, probably Palden Lhamo, the only female among the eight great dharmapala, amid open-cut vegetal scrollwork. Eight images of a smaller deity who sits on a throne of plantain leaves are also present.
Item # 638 
Michael Backman Ltd

Origin: Japan   Shape: Sphere   Material: Porcelain
Location: Private (A.C.Boniface )
Description: Incense burner approximately 9" wide and 10" high.
Item # 672   

Shape: Sphere   Material: Brass
Location: Private (George)
Description: Nicely decorated metallic sphere, with carying support.
Item # 703   

Origin: Germany   Shape: Sphere   Material: Aluminium
Period: 2010   Location: St. Jodokus Church, in Waghäusel.
Description: Giant church spherical incense burner (1.4 meter diameter), made by Otfried Kallfass from Freiburg.
Item # 792

Origin: Germany   Shape: Sphere   Material: Brass
Period: 2008   Location: Würzburg, Germany
Description: This transportable and rotatable censer belongs to the Diözese of Würzburg. The 2.05 m in height and 1.75 m wide frame holds a 1.20 m diameter sphere, with a weight of 96 kg.
Item # 794

Origin: China   Shape: Sphere : Dragon   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Jeff Apolinario)
Description: Spherical incense burner with an internal gimbal mechanism to ensure that the attached small incense cup will remain upright. The animals on it are dragons and phoenix. Note that, in China, the Han Dynasty (202 BC – AD 220) inventor Ding Huan created a gimbal incense burner around AD 180.
see item #278 for reference.
Item # 796 

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