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Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl   Material: Porcelain
Period: 1700   
Description: Imari porcelain incense burner with geometric design, underglaze blue, 3 very small petty feet. size: max.dia. 5.2 cm height 4.2 cm. date: 1690-1710(estimated)
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl   
Location: Suntory Museum of Art
Description: Incense burner with design of Buddhist implements in overglaze enamels
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl : Eagle   Material: Bronze
Period: 1870   Location: Kahlili Collection
Description: This massive bronze koro and cover featuring a large eagle as its finial is designed as a bowl supported by 3 muscular demons standing on a rockwork base. Size 280 x 130 cm. Signed Kako, the art-name of Suzuki Chokichi (1848-1919)
Item # 13

Origin: China   Incense: Stick   Shape: Bowl   Material: Glass
Period: Qing Dynasty, 19th   
Description: Pink Peking Glass Incense Burner
Item # 21

Origin: China   Incense: Stick   Shape: Bowl   Material: Porcelain
Period: Ching dynasty, 19th   Location: Santa Barbara, California
Description: Chinese Celadon Porcelain Incense Burner. Subtle and refined 19th-century Chinese monochrome porcelain tripod censer or incense burner, Ching dynasty. Fine bluish-green glaze. Dimensions: 2 ½” high, 3 ½” diameter.
Item # 24

Origin: China   Shape: Bowl   Material: Porcelain
Period: Northern Song Dynasty A.D.960-1127   
Description: Sky blue glaze is the base colour of the Jun ware. The three interior marks were left by the spurs used to support a ware. Height: 13cm Mouth diameter: 14.3cm
Item # 26

Origin: Hong Kong   Shape: Bowl   
Period: Qing Dynasty   Location: Tung Wah Hospital Museum
Description: The incense burners were originally placed in Man Mo Temple at Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island. All of them were cast by the donations from worshippers. The oldest one has over 180 years of age, and was made in the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. The biggest one weighs over several hundred catties.
Item # 36

Origin: Persian   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Period: Seljuk Dynasty, 12th   Location: Detroit Institute of Arts
Description: height 16.5 cm (6 1/2 in.), The lamp or incense burner of unusual shape is decorated with Kufic inscriptions bestowing blessings on the owner. Openwork designs of linked roundels and intertwined palmette scrolls adorn the surface.
Item # 38 
Detroit Institute of Arts

Origin: Southern Arabia   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Period: mid-1st millennium B.C.   Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of Ancient Near Eastern Art
Description: H. 10 7/8 in. (27.6 cm). This bronze incense burner from southwestern Arabia consists of a cylindrical container set on a conical base. Seven spikes extend upward from a high front panel that resembles an architectural facade and bears a depiction in relief of two snakes flanking a round disk set within a crescent.An ibex, separately cast and identifiable by its ridged horns, stands on a plinth that projects from the censer’s front.
Item # 41 
Metropolitan Museum

Origin: Iran   Shape: Bowl : Bird   Material: Bronze
Period: 12th   Location: Eleanor Abraham Asian Art
Description: Khorasan, Iran, 10 3/4 inches (28 cm)
Item # 43

Origin: Cyprus   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Period: Byzantine   Location: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
Description: Diameter 9.5 cm. Height 5.5 cm.
Item # 45

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Location: Stewart and Smith Collectibles, Medford, OR
Description: The patina on the body is just gorgeous, and there is a scene with water & rocks on one side, and water on the other. The little bird sits atop her nest of sticks, which forms the lid of the burner. Measures 3 1/2" wide, and 3 3/4" to the top of the birds head.
Item # 47

Origin: Guatemala   Shape: Bowl : Human   Material: Ceramic
Period: Maya   Location: G&T Foundation
Description: Straight-sided tripod deep bowl with modelled human figurine attached to exterior, painted in blue and red.

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Item # 50

Origin: UK   Incense: Oil   Shape: Bowl   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Adventure in Arabia
Description: Ornate brass round incense burner: 4¾" tall with lid 250 grams in weight
Item # 64

Origin: USA   Shape: Bowl   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   
Description: Charcoal Burner to burn resin incense - 1.5" high
Item # 74

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