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Origin: Oriental   Shape: Cart : Horse   Material: Metal
Location: Private (Carol Moore)
Description: Carriage drawn by 2 horses, made of some kind of metal, maybe pot metal, looks to be silver plated, very shiny silver color. 6.5" long, 6" high, Has peacock over each wheel, peacock on seat, & one on top of a hinged lid on a shallow bowl. Bowl is 2.5"across, 1" deepest part, heavy for it`s size 1.5-2# No markings at all. No other pieces with it.
Item # 224   

Shape: Animal : Horse   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (K. Smigleski)
Description: This 2 piece bronze was bought in Hawaii in the ‘70’s. It measures 14’ from nose to tip of the tail.
Item # 288   

Shape: Animal : Horse   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Darci Wilson)
Description: Horse incense burner. It can be opened by the saddle.
Item # 613   

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Animal : Horse   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Lori)
Description: This incense burner is approximately 11” in height and 9” in width. The warrior / rider is naked from above the waist with turban, earrings and a neck plate as well as a type of loin or banding at the waist. The rider holds a blunt weapon / instrument in his right hand and sits cross-legged on the horse.
Item # 616   

Origin: Kazakhstan   Shape: Thymiaterion : Horse   Material: Bronze
Period: 5th-3th BC   Location: Musee Guimet, Paris, France
Description: Incense altar with a horse facing a human figure on the top.
Item # 663 
Musee Guimet

Shape: Animal : Horse   Material: Iron
Location: Private (Renee)
Description: Trjan Horse Incense burner. A removable saddle is maybe missing.
see item #613 fro reference
Item # 797   

Shape: Animal : Horse   Material: Ceramic
Location: Private (Sue)
Description: It's made of ceramic, apart from the 'saddle' detail which is metal. It stands about 4" high to the top of the head. It is hollow, with a hole on top of the head.
Item # 824   

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